Original POP ART Portraits

and Sacred Geometric Abstract Art

How about turning yourself or your family, including pets, into superheroes? I create original and personalised POP ART portraits for a birthday or special occasion, or simply for the pleasure of getting a piece of art that makes it more special and important.

Portrait of a Milan Family
Maria Celeste Lauro
Famiglia Fontana
Danielle Nahum

Pop Art Portrait + Abstract Sacred Geometry


Original Work of Art of Sacred Geometry 

Are you planning to make any changes to the interior decoration? We can plan together the realisation of tailor-made artworks, to achieve the exact effects you are looking for in your studio, office, meditation place and living room. I have also few already made pieces of art.


Have a nice day! Feel free to share your idea with me.

"Fibonacci with love", 80 x 80 cms