Odette Lafrance Sabbadini



In 2006, Odette Lafrance Sabbadini began her career as an artist by presenting her abstract works "PAESAGGI DI LUCE" to the public in SOLO exhibitions in Tel Aviv, then her work spread to Paris, Rome, Milan, New York, London, Montréal.

Odette creates abstract works with his ESSENTIAL COLLECTION, all inspired by the art of ancient civilizations as sacred geometry, symbols, drawings, mandalas, mosaics, monumental works and frescoes. 




Odette creates truly unique and original bespoke POP PORTRAITS, even of entire families including PETS, staging funny situations that highlight a known dynamic or recall a funny event.

Since a long time, she has dedicated herself to the creation of the "ICONIC PORTRAITS" COLLECTION with a focus on the 1950s + 1960s.

Odette's artworks have a FIL ROUGE: they bring a rare feeling of tranquility and joy to the viewer.

POP ART Expo, next spring in 2022, at Abu Dhabi.

Rome Permanent Expo


Dabliù Fitness and SPA and Hard Candy Fitness Center, partner with Madonna, very trendy Fitness Centers with a modern and interior design modern that perfectly fits with my vibrant Artworks that in a way, give support to the persons who are training.


Hard Candy Fitness at the Colosseum and Parioli. Hard Candy Fitness website


Dabliù Sport & Benessere in the center of Rome, in Piazza Barberini and in Viale Giulio Cesare at Prati. Dabliù Sport & Benessere website


Studio Giancaspro is a very high-tech dentistry studio with a huge collection of my Artworks. The style of the studio is very trendy and cool, very New-York style, in Parioli. Studio Giancaspro

Expo in Montréal at Dimension Decor.