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Canadian-Italian Artist

A Bridge Between Art, Awareness, and Innovation

Artistic Fil Rouge of Odette Lafrance

Odette Lafrance's artistic and personal journey is a continuous exploration of the 'Good Vibes' emanating from Beauty and Balance.


Through the fusion of Art, Technology, and Awareness, Odette places the individual and their relationship with Nature at the heart of her creative expression, emphasizing the participation of each element in an inexhaustible flow of creative energy.

Her career is marked by constant evolution and a passionate search for Beauty in all its expressive forms. Driven by insatiable curiosity and a fertile imagination, Odette dedicates herself to a journey of discovery, aiming to capture the Essence of Beauty and Life itself.


Current Exhibitions


2023/2024: Exhibition of abstract works 'Connections with the Infinite' in Rome, at Piazza Navona, Palazzo Massimo.


2022: Private exhibition in Abu Dhabi, setting up an exhibition of abstract works in a venue for an anniversary.

Permanent Exhibitions in Rome


Since 2016:  Permanent exhibition at Dabliù locations in Rome, featuring Madonna (24 Artworks).

Since 2015:  Permanent exhibition in a dental studio in Parioli, Rome (15 Artworks).

Debut in Abstract and Pop Art Exhibitions

2012-2017: Series of personal exhibitions in venues and private homes in New York, Miami, Montréal, Milan, Rome.

2010: Interactive experiential exhibition in Rome, engaging the public in a collective artistic creation.

2009: Exhibition of an abstract POP series in Rome, at Boutique Artèque, with total sales in a week.

2007: Creation of the first 'Pop Portrait' for Giovanna Fendi Caruso, inaugurating the 'Pop Portraits' series.

2007: 'Landscapes of Light', second personal exhibition in Paris, France, at the 'Mairie Le Marais'.

2006: First personal exhibition in Tel Aviv, Israel, 'Landscapes of Light',

2001: Birth of her son, another masterpiece!

Development and Expansion in the Digital World and AI


2023-2024: Innovative use of AI, integration into some projects.

2010-2024: Advanced skills in Marketing and Social Media.

2006-2024: Development in digital illustrations, digital Pop portraits, sketches for animation, digital photography and retouching, website design and creation.

Creative Turn and Personal Studio in Rome


1996: Awarded for creating an original setup at the Rome Fair.

1994: Birth of her daughter, a masterpiece!

1989: Inauguration of her own Art Studio, blending creativity and innovation.

1987: Relocation to Rome and opening of a Graphic Design studio, introducing computerized graphics.

Other Training Paths: Visualization and Awareness


2009-2023: Certifications as an Instructor in Mindfulness©, Role-Playing, and Breathing techniques, integrating these disciplines into her Creative process.

2006-2009: Training in intentional Visualization and various forms of Meditation.

Education and Early Career in Montréal, Canada


1982: Graduated in Communication Arts in Montréal, Canada. During this period, Odette Lafrance refined her artistic and design skills, focusing her studies on Graphic Design, Communication, photography, and live illustration. She also engaged in print project development, including screen printing.

Initial Recognition: Odette stood out by winning 2nd place in a design contest, creating a limited edition, numbered screen-printed artwork, awarded as a prize to members of a winning soccer team in Montréal.

1982: Began her professional career as a Graphic Designer at OVE DESIGN. In this role, Odette worked on Branding and Corporate Identity projects, creating creative setups for photo shoots, and producing a long series of illustrations for an acrylic product line for boats and gardens, on request from Disney's OVE Industrial Design department.

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