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Canadian Italian artist and senior communication designer. I was born in Montréal, Canada.


In 1982, I complete studies in Visual Communication Art, then started working at Ove Design Ltd in Montréal (Québec, Canada) as a Graphic Communication Designer.

In 1987, I moved to the Eternal City, Rome in Italy, where I founded my own Communication Design & Art Studio. I work worldwide and freelance.

I realized my first Solo Exhibition in 2006 Tel Aviv, showing "Paesaggi di Luce" a collection of abstract artworks, ever since I performed in Paris, Rome, Milan, New-York, London and Montréal.


Most of my artworks are realized with mixed media on canvas, so my very popular "Pop Art Family Portraits".

I'm working on a Solo "Vintage Pop Art" Exhibition and a "Vibrant Sacred Geometry" collection. Stay tuned!

Contact me at: odette.lafrance@gmail.com

Cell: +39 335.10.11.328

Rome Permanent Expo


Dabliù Fitness and SPA and Hard Candy Fitness Center, partner with Madonna a very trendy and innovative fitness centers. The design is very modern and cool, designed by the architect Paolo Mazzetto. Odette’s paintings fit perfectly in these spaces because they communicate great amount of energy with vibrant colours. 


Hard Candy Fitness - Colosseum + Parioli:

Hard Candy Fitness website


Dabliù Sport & Benessere - Piazza Barberini + Prati:

Dabliù Sport & Benessere website


Studio Giancaspro is a very high-tech dentistry studio with a huge collection of Odette Lafrance's Art. The style of the studio is very trendy and cool, very New-York style, in Parioli:

Studio Giancaspro website

Expo in NYC, in a private Home, downtown.

Expo in Montréal at Dimension Decor.


Milano Permanent Expo


Admobsphere srl

It is a company that serves leading international brands and partners with some of the world's foremost online publishers. They are in Milan, Singapore, New-York and they have a huge collection of Odette Lafrance's Pop Art:

Admobsphere website 


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