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Exclusive Pop Art Portraits of Odette Lafrance


Original Pop Art Portraits, Mixed Media Artworks, Concept Art, Digital illustrations.

Marketing Designer

Brand Identity, Logo, Graphic Design, Photography, Marketing, Web Design.


Original ARTworks


POP Art Family Portrait

Original way to share your love!

I create original custom POP ART portraits, a new way to remember unique moments with loved ones.

Please allow at least 2 weeks to complete a portrait.

ABSTRACT Works of Art 

The connection to the oneness

I create works of art according to sacred geometry to bring high frequencies of energy that can activate, heal, awaken and transform your day, your mood, your place. As well as huge Conceptual Art.

Crystal Merkaba.jpg


Travel Way Italia - NCC di Lusso

Brand + Marketing

Visual Branding + Brand Identity


Focusing on the personality, positioning, vision and culture. The Key elements for the company success.

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