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La Bellezza salverà il mondo

I'm Odette Lafrance, based in the heart of Rome, Italy, since 1987.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant energies of people and their profound connection to their surroundings, culture, and lifestyle, my art reflects the dynamic interplay between individuals and nature.

Each place I explore fuels my passion for capturing the essence of this profound connection.

My artworks serve as windows into transcendence, providing a glimpse of the transformative power of beauty.

Grazie, Odette.




Discover the enchanting fusion of art and popular culture in these vibrant creations. My imaginative touch interweaves with iconic pop elements, resulting in distinctive artworks that celebrate the essence of individuality and spark creativity.

Engage me to immortalize your cherished family memories, seamlessly integrating your beloved pets into the narrative. Transform your personal experiences into heroic tales through my artistic lens.

PUGLIA_INFINITO_ Odette_Lafrance.jpg

Connection with the Infinite

Explore my latest abstract series, "Connection with the Infinite," where nature and humanity create beautiful harmony.

Inspired by the collaborative efforts of people and nature to shape their environments and foster love and connection, my artworks reflect these sentiments.

From cultivating agriculture and gardens to designing landscapes and urban infrastructure, each piece is imbued with the memories and emotions evoked by these interactions.

Abstract Harmony

shaping visions

Travel Way Italia - NCC di Lusso

Utilizing my extensive 30-year background, I specialize in building strong connections between brands and their target audiences through the development of Brand Identities and Marketing Strategies.

I deeply understand the pivotal role they play in achieving success.

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