Original Artworks by Odette Lafrance

Creative Strategist

Odette Lafrance

Creative Strategist, Graphic Designer, Visual Artist. Rome, Italy.


Visual Artist:  Original Pop Art Portraits, Mixed media Paintings, Digital illustration and layouts, Classical illustrations, Photography.

Creative Strategist:  Visual Branding and Logo Design, Communication & Marketing, Website Design, Infographics for Social Media, Corporate Presentations.


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Exclusive POP ART Portraits

POP Art Family Portrait

Original way to share your love!


Are you looking for a special gift? How about an original and personalised POP ART PORTRAIT dedicated to you, your best friend, the whole family, including pets?


A unique way to share your love and remember unique moments with a work of art.

Calculate at least 2 weeks 🎨.


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Sacred Geometry 

The connection to the oneness of all life.

I create original, joyful and powerful abstract artworks inspired by Sacred Geometry. They are perfect to help you connect with your inner world. Each artwork has its own unique way of speaking to you.


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Crystal Merkaba.jpg

Original Abstract and Sacred Geometry Artworks

Creative Director - Visual Branding

Brand Awareness

Visual Branding & Websites


Freelancer:  I collaborate with national and international entrepreneurs from my studio in Rome, Italy. 


Creative Direction:  Social Media Strategy, Visual Branding, Graphic Design, Wix Website Design, Digital Illustrations, Photography, Packaging, Corporate presentations, ecc.

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