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Exclusive Pop Art Portraits of Odette Lafrance


Welcome to my vibrant world. I'm an artist based in Rome, with over 30 years of artistic experience.

From eye-catching Pop Art portraits to mesmerizing Abstract creations and the intricate world of Sacred Geometry, my artistic journey knows no limits.

In addition to my visual artistry, I specialize in Digital Illustrations, Photo Retouching, and Marketing Design, including Brand Identities, Logos, and Graphics.


However, my current focus is primarily on my art.


Original POP ART


POP Art Family Portrait
Original way to share your love!

I specialize in crafting distinctive and personalized POP ART portraits, a dynamic and vivid way to immortalize precious moments with your loved ones.


It makes for a wonderful gift idea.


Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for the completion of each portrait.

Original ARTworks

ABSTRACT Works of Art 

The connection to the oneness

I craft unique works of art using sacred geometry, infused with powerful energies that have the potential to activate, heal, awaken, and transform your day, your emotions, and your space.


Experience the profound resonance of my artistry, as well as captivating conceptual pieces that expand your horizons.

Crystal Merkaba.jpg

Communication Marketing

Travel Way Italia - NCC di Lusso

BrandING + Marketing

With over 40 years of experience, I've devoted my career to shaping and perfecting the fundamental aspects of a company's identity.


From personality and positioning to vision and culture, these essential components serve as the driving forces behind a company's success.


I've consistently played the role of a dedicated partner, seamlessly integrated into the team, always there when needed, as if I were an integral part of the staff.

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